Dice, Chips, Online GamblingUsually large and small tables or baccarat, pay attention to the surrounding shape, mainly depends on the sticky road, if you often single jump, you will not bury the table, such as small, small, large, large… But if it’s big, big, big, big, big, big… You might as well buy a big one, because small is weaker and there are many opportunities to open a big one. If the middle is big again, it will last until the buyout.

There may be unexpected gains, because I have tried to get 12 mouths in a row, and the 13th mouth was broken. But I have won 12 mouths and lost 1 mouth. It is very pleasant. Even if 2 mouths are big, 1 mouthful, I will lose 1 mouthful. Yeah! A lot of times I even hit 7 or 8 mouths big or small, I just lose a few mouths, lose 1 mouth, in line with the DB principle, do not gamble the neck money such as: big, big…. Hmm, a lot of people play with neck stubbornness. Don’t know how to be big, if you don’t believe in evil, then buy small and continue to be big.

If you bet on the good luck card, go and lose one bit and go, if you lose it, continue to buy, and the gambling will be no pressure! But there is one thing to note. If you buy another bet, you must be tied. Don’t overlap. If you see small, big, big, big, small, small, small, please don’t place a bet, because if you buy a small bet at this time, you may It’s the end of the water. If you buy a big one and you feel awkward, it is better not to buy it. It is best to place a bet on the first shop with large or small shops and the second shop with large or small shops. It’s better to use this method to patrol the station and watch the trend than to buy your favorite water. When winning 4 thousand yuan, double the bet size to 2 thousand yuan 1 bet. For the time being, I don’t know if it’s good luck or a good method. I only lose four straight bets at most, and the fifth bet is in. If station A loses, it will go to station C, and if you lose again, you will drop to station B, and so on (of course, when you drop the bet, I said the above method to observe the trend)

Cards, Poker, Addiction, ProfitIn addition to the 7-bet cable method, if the 7-bets are short and unsure, you can bury your heart in the first two bets and not bet, or only bet 100 yuan symbolic, and you will not officially place a 1,000 yuan 1 bet until you lose two consecutive bets. , If the person reaches the seventh mouth, it is the ninth mouth. If you lose nine games in a row, you should be pretty dark, so don’t play! And when I hit one of the bets, I started the bet from 1 thousand yuan and bet evenly until I got a big break or even a break. But when you lose the first bet, don’t bet anymore, go to other stations to estimate if you want to not bet or bet 100 yuan to see if you lose again in this bet. If so, then you lose two bets in a row, and then it’s official A bet of 1 thousand yuan to 7 bets is the 9th bet. If you are not betting or bet 100 yuan is really a hit, you still have to wait for the appearance of two consecutive losing streaks!

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